Sooner or later you may find yourself on a fund raising committee for your children’s school, your church, or other local organization. This can seem like a daunting task, but by breaking it down into three basic parts, it can be easier to tackle.

The Main Attraction

The first thing to do is decide on a main attraction. What will bring the people in and get them buying tickets for others? You could show an outdoor movie in a local park or create a carnival atmosphere with games and bounce houses. Maybe your event could be a simple community picnic. Choose something fun to do that will interest a wide range of people. The most successful fund raisers appeal to everyone from small children to the seniors in your area.

Additional Funds

In addition to ticket sales for your event, you will want other activities to bring in additional money. These things should relate to the theme of the event. If you are showing a movie, sell popcorn, sodas, and candy. A community picnic could also include a bake sale that everyone could contribute to. This is where you can use the help of a creative group of people. Seek ideas from members of your organization even if they cannot volunteer to do any of the work.

Keep Them Talking

Chances are that this won’t be a onetime event. Schools and churches are in constant need of assistance. With a little planning for this fundraiser, you can get a head start on the next one. The trick is to keep the name of your organization, or the cause you are collecting for, fresh in the public’s mind. Do this by handing out souvenirs that sport your organization’s name. You could print custom stickers through websites like that include your school or church’s name and logo.

Once these three basic principles are covered, you will find it easier to fill in all the other details for your fund raising event. Get others involved by asking for their ideas and opinions, and recruit volunteers to lighten the load. Before you know it, you will have successfully organized an event that will help out your school, church, or other local organization in a big way.