Achieving the Dream of Working from Home

Everyone dreams of having a job that allows them to work from home. Many people think that working at home means sleeping in, lounging around in their pajamas half the day, and setting their own hours. Unfortunately, this attitude will set you up for failure. While working from home does allow you a few more perks than a traditional workplace setting will, you still need to treat it like a normal career in order to succeed.

Create a Work Space

No matter what your job description is, you need to create a proper work space at home. The type of space you need depends on the work you do. Craftsmen need a room devoted to their skills such as a sewing room, fully equipped garage, or work shop. Other businesses will require a home office. If you need office furniture Salem Oregon has plenty to offer. This includes local home stores as well as places like Office Furniture Direct.



Establish Designated Work Hours

Working at home can create two misconceptions. Family and friends will have the impression you can drop everything at a moment’s notice, and clients will think you can take care of their needs at any hour, night or day. Eliminate these issues from the start by establishing work hours. This makes it clear to others when they can address work related issues, and it allows family members and friends to know when you are available for fun.

You Can’t Do It All

This problem is most common among parents. Mothers and fathers think that if they work from home they will have more time for household chores and will no longer need daycare. This attitude leads to disaster. You will be stressed, the kids won’t get the attention they need, and you will feel like … Read more