This summer promises to be one of the hottest and most uncomfortable in the nation, especially for southern states. How do you plan on beating the sunshine? Here are 4 suggestions for combating the sweltering temperatures of the upcoming summertime.

Invest in a Top-Grade AC Unit and Indoor Cooling System

Some temperatures in the southern United States have been known to climb skywards of 104 degrees or more. Couple that with outrageous humidity, and the weather outside becomes unbearable. You can beat the heat and keep your family protected from the swelters of summer with a top-grade AC unit and indoor cooling system. Invest now, while it’s still pleasant outside. That way, when summer hits, you and your loved ones are well-prepared for hot days in comfort.

Furnish Your House with Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors retain the coolness of the grounds beneath. Ergo, you should furnish your home with hardwood floors. Your feet will send the coolness through your body, cooling your core temperatures and taking the effects of the summertime heat down a notch. It’s even better when you keep your home cooled with an AC system, because then you have comfortable chilliness in whatever room you go to.

Take Every Opportunity to Swim and Take Cool Showers

If you have a swimming pool, use it—but make sure you either wear lots of sunscreen, or stay on the shaded side of the pool. Swim at every opportunity. Or, better yet, save your energy and wade in the coolness until you feel your body temperature revert back to a comfortable level.

If you either don’t have a pool, make it one of your backyard projects before summer swings into full heat. Or, if you’d prefer to stay indoors, rely on cool showers to chill you down. Don’t shock your body with icy temperatures, but ease the shower knob down to a cool, comfortable level that makes you sigh with contentment.

Hydration is SUPER Important

In sweltering weather, you should remember to drink LOTS of water. And make sure your loved ones and pets do the same. Hydration is the absolute, most important aspect to surviving a super-hot summer. Store bottles of water in your freezer and fridge throughout the day. And up your consumption from 8 to 10 cups to 12 to 14 cups if you plan on being outside and sweating.

Rising summertime temperatures is no joke. There are instances where beating the heat comes down to staying indoors, plopped down on the AC vent, with the cooling system on full blast. Whatever works for you, do it. Just stay safe, stay cool, and if you want to go outside, wait until the sun starts to set and the temperatures drop a bit.